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Gary DeMichele Producing state of the art scores for award winning feature films and media

Jazz Drummer

Film and Theatrical Collaboration
Creative Consultant
Music Supervision
Pianist Percussionist
Sound Designer

                                                                          Summer Itinerary 2016
                                                                                                                                                    2016 June-July Emma Ricklund Foundation
                                                                                                                                                    Ricklundgarden Artist Residency
                                                                                                                                                    Please read blog about my visit !
                                                                                                                                                    Saxnas Sweden,Southern Laplands.
                                                                                                                                                     2016 April, Ipark Residency East Haddam,Ct.
                                                                                                                                                             (invitation for returning residents)                                                                                                                        


                                          Big Night    The Impostors     Hamlet     The Secret Lives of Dentists  
                                  Off The Map     Stella Street     Camp Hope   Company Retreat     Drums In The Night
     Miss Julie
   Recruiting Officer   Tongues    Now And Forever    Orestes    As Quiet As Its Kept   Anyone Can Whistle

Gary DeMichele
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Some of the numerrous perofmers,directors,collaborators and organizations whith whom
Gary DeMichele has worked are listed below.

Tim Robbins (Artistic Director, Director,Actor,Writer)

Alejo Poveda (musician)

Actors Gang Theatre Co.

Sally Murphy (Actress)


Chicago Academy of The Arts

Dede Sempaio(musician)

Dorian DeMichele(Vocalist,Actress)

Steve Bergere(musician)

Howard Levy(musician)

Kenny Drew Jrl(Musician)

Bob Brookmeyer(Musician)

Richard Drexler(Musician)

(Jeff Berlin,Woody Herman)

Arnie Lawrence(musician)

Walt Weiskopf
(Buddy Rich,Steely Dan)

Laury Shelley

(Michel Legrand)(Vocalist)

Joe Gross(Musician)

Rick Snyder(Musician)

Suzanne Palmer(Vocalist)

John Campbell(Musician)

(Mel Torme)

Johnny Frigo(Musician)

Anne Delangis

Kelly Maulbetch((Musician)

Glenn DeMichele(Musician)

Ernie Denov(Musican)

Cameron Pfiffner(Musician,rtist,Actor)

Katherine Gallagher(Vocalist,Actress)

Lori Ellsworth(Musician,Vocalist)

John Belzaguy(Natalie Cole)(Musician)

Nick Fryman(Musician)

M..B. Gordy(Musician)

Chicago Academy of the Arts

Rob Williams(Musician)

Dave Carpenter(Musician)

Bob Gustafson(Musician)

John Manilla(Musician)

Rachel Stalka(Vocalist)

Alaric Jans(Musician)

Henry Salgado

Don Steurnberg

Steve Roberts(Musician)

David Stowell(Artist,Musician)

Nick BIsesi(Musician)

Jerry DiMuzio(Musician)

Jim Baker(Musician(

Paul Maslin(Musician)

Curt Bley(Musician)

Brian Sandstrom(Musician)

Mike Smith(Frank Sinatra)(Musician)

Joe Gross(Musician)

Dan Trudelll(Musician)

Karla Day(Vocalist)

Peter Ballin(Musician)

Kelly Sill(Musician)

Neal Artwick(Musician)

Jeff Mickus(Musician)

Chris Herman(Musician)

Debbie Katz(Musicna)

Dan DeMichele(Musician)

Manny Mendelsohn(Musician)

Bob Palmieri(Musician)

Jeremy Kahn(Musician)

John Whitfield((Musician)

Peck Allmond(Musician)

Tom Artwick(Musician)

John Redfield(Musician)

Michael Buckwalter(Musician)

Larue Nicholson(Musician)

Kelly Brand(Musician)

Larry Gray(Musician)

Hal Russel(Musician)

Val Hawk(Musian,Vocalist)

Fareed Haque(Musican)

Robin Tunney(Actress,Vocalist)

Fred Sturm(Musician)

Dorian DeMichele(Actress,Vocalist)

Tom Yang (Concertmater,Musician,Contractor)

Larry Novak(Musician)

Doug Lofstrom(Musician)

Jim Grocek(Musician)

Brian Gephardt(Musician)

Lew Stadlin(Actor,Vocalist)

Elizabeth Bracco(Actress,Vocalits)

Hope Davis(Actress,Vocalist)

Dave Jennings(Musician)

Jeff Newell(Musician)

Patrick Bettison(Musician)

Joe Porter(Musician)

Pete O'neil(Musician)

David Onderdonk(Musician)

Sam LiPuma(Musician)

Rusty Jones(George Shearing)(Musician)

Tim McNamara(Musician)

Miriam Sturm(John Mellencamp)

Bruc Buckingham(Musician)

Frank Russell(Musician)

Artist in Residenc Ipark 2009Arisit in Residence  2010

Paul Coscino(Musician)

Composer in Residence  in Residence  Hornde Dorset Colony 2013

Bob Vernae(Musician)

Mike Royal(Musician)

Nick Tountas(Musician)

Composer in Residence Marnay Sur Seine,France 2014

Louis Ewerling(Musician)

Steve Buscemi(Actor)

Mike Gibilisco(Musician)

Greg Nielsen(Musician)

Billy Marcus(Musician)

John Lamm(Musician)

(Duke Ellington)

Dave Ivaz(Musician)

Larry Camp(Musician)

Merele Boley(Musician)

John Hey(Musician)

Willy Schwartz(Musician)

Rick Peterson(Musician)

Chris Schultz (Actor,Musician)

Mark Swanson(Musician)

Annemette Andersen (Actress)

Chris Collins (Phil Collins,Doc Severinsen)(Musician)

Jeff Newell (Charles Earland)(Musician)

Dave Gordon(Musician)

Dennis Luxion (Musician)

Pablo Motta (Musician)

Dean Rolando (Musician)

Jon Kellam (Director,Actor)

Denis Leary (Actor)

Craig Rosen (Vocalist,Filmmaker)

Campbell Scott (Director,Actor)

Guillermo Alvires (Director)

Eric Simonsen (Director,Actor)

George Van Buskirk (Director,Producer)

Stanely Tucci (Actor,Director,Producer)

Merce Cunninham (Choreographer,Dancer)

Jan Erkert/Dance Co.(Choreogrpher,Dancer)

Scott MacPherson(Writer)

Trisha Brown (Choreographer,Dancer)

Christine Tucci (Vocalist,Actress)

Kenny Dread (Musician)

Mark Neuschwander(Musician)

Matt Bokulic (Musician)

Fred Gaines(Writer Director)

Pilobolus Dance Co. (Choreographers,Dancers)

Steppenwolf Theatre Co. (Theatre Company)

Ruth Eckerd Dance Center (Various Performance)

Eileen Cropley (Choreographer,Dancer,Teacher)

Jan Bartotzek Dance Co (Choreographer,Dancer,Teacher)

Kimo Williams(Prodicer,Musician)

Tamar Kotske(Actress,choreographe)

Center Theatre Co. (Theatre Co.)

Carol Williams (Musician)

Alsn Rudoph (Director,Writer)

Lucinda Jenney(Actress

Pete Drozdoff (Musician)

Williamstown Theatre Festival

Nick Drozdoff(Musician)

Columbia College

Seppenwolf Theatre

Pegasus Players

Gary and I have known each other since college, and he's been the composer on most movies (and a few plays) I've directed or produced since then, starting with 'BIG NIGHT' in 1993 and continuing to 'COMPANY RETREAT' this year. Gary is a musician first - a jazz  composer, percussionist, pianist - and a film scorer by way of his other disciplines, which makes him the ideal composer for the very different movies I'm involved with.  His ideas are never what I would expect, which challenges me to make more effective choices in the editing room, and the movies always turn out more layered and provocative as a result. His scores always make the movies better, wider, more compelling.-Campbell Scott Actor/Director'-


Joel  E.Siegel
Washington City Paper
'Big Night' Dirs. Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci
'As with fine cooking, Big Night’s savor stems from careful attention to quality ingredients. Pascal’s Vegasy restaurant is production designer Andrew Jackness’ special triumph, a circuslike crimson-and-faux-stone Mafia hangout complete with walls of autographed celebrity glossies and plastic Leaning Towers of Pisa. Ken Kelsch’s crisp cinematography and Gary DeMichele’s musical score, which incorporates vintage recordings by Rosemary Clooney, Keely Smith and, of course, Prima, enhance the film’s ambience.'.
Kevin Tomas  Los Angeles Times
'The Secret Lives of Dentists'
Dir Alan Rudolph
'......."The Secret Lives of Dentists" is a stylish work from an accomplished, sophisticated filmmaker that bristles with intelligence and gleams with Scott's and Davis' multifaceted, astutely judged portrayals. The film also glows with the clear light and cool tones of cinematographer Florian Ballhaus' images, and its shifting moods are expressed beautifully by Gary DeMichele's distinctive score, at once spare yet dramatic.'
Ken Eisner
Dir.Campbell Scott and Eric Simonsen
..'Also striking is Gary DeMichele’s piano-and-trumpet-centered score, which offers a kind of medieval jazz commentary on the action. Dan Gillham’s lensing, which occasionally rests on the buildings’ cornices and gargoyle-like adornments, is straightforward, with just enough interpretive movement to heighten the drama.


Todd McCarthy
'The Impostors'
Dir. Stanley Tucci
......'Andrew Jackness’ production design and Juliet Polcsa’s costumes are constantly diverting delights to the eye, and Gary DeMichele’s score is spry.


Julio Martinez
'Drums in The Night'(Actors Gang Theatre co.,artistic Director Tim Robbins (Gary DeMichele,composer/sound design) )
Dir.John Kellam(
..A decided plus in this production is the compelling sound design of Gary DeMichele that constantly underscores the harrowing conditions in the world just outside the walls of our agenda-challenged protagonists.


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