Gary DeMichele                                                                                                                     





Composer and  Arranger

'Big Night'
(Rysher Entertainment,1996).
(Dir.Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott)
Composer/Arranger.  Soundtrack  producer credit Gary DeMichele.

  Featured cast includes Stanley Tucci, Campbell Scott, Ian Holm,
 Minnie Driver, Isabella Rossellini,Mark Anthony,Tony Shaloub,Alison Janey Liv Schrieiber.

‘The Impostors ’
(Fox Searchlight/20th Century Fox,1998)
(Dir. Stanley Tucci).
Composer /Arranger/Musical adaptations /Musical director/Conductor
soundtrack producer credit: Gary DeMichele

  Featured cast includes LIlly Taylor,Stanley Tucci, Oliver Platt,
Campbell Scott, Steve Buscemi,Elizabeth Bracco, Lew Stadlin,Dana Ivey,Billy Connelly,Alan Corduner,
Hope Davis,Alison Janey,WoodyAllen.

(Vocal performances by Steve Buscemi,Lew Stadlin,Hope Davis,Lizzie Bracco.)

'Hamlet '
(Dirs. Campbell Scott and Eric Simomson,
(Oscar winning director for best documentary2005))

Featured cast includes,Campbell Scott, Blair Brown, Roscoe Lee Brown,
Lisa Gay Hamilton,Michael Imperioli, Jamey Sheridan,Roger Guinivere Smith.

'The Secret Lives of Dentists' (Dir. Alan Rudolph,2003)
Composer/Arranger/Musical director/Conductor
soundtrack producer credit: Gary DeMichele

Featured cast includes Hope Davis, Campbell Scott,Denis Leary,Robin Tunney

( vocal performance by Robin Tunney )

'Off The Map' (Dir. Campbell Scott,2004)
Composer/Arranger.Soundtrack producer credit: Gary DeMichele.

Featured cast includes,Sam Eliot, Joan Allen,Jim True-Frost,
Amy Brenneman, Valentina DeAngelis,J.K. Simmons,Boots Southern.

'Camp Hope' (Dir. George Van Buskirk,(2009)
Featured cast includes Andrew McCarthy,Dana Delaney,Valentine DeAngelis and Conor Paolo.

'Company Retreat' (Dir. Campbell Scott,2011)


'Stella Street'UK (Dir. Peter Richardson) (2004)       
'Hamlet'(Dir. Campbell Scott) Odyssey Channel (2000)
Tom Snyder/'Late Show '                  
Regis and Kathy Lee                       
HBO (Misc. reuse)
PBS 'La Cucina' theme
Group W 'Bon Appetite'                                                 
Interviews/special appearances with Gary DeMichele                                                                                                                                 
CBS Chicago (6:00 news)                                                                                  
film scoring segment feature on  film composer
Gary DeMichele  with interviewer Vince Gerasole.         
SNN Television,Southwest coast television,
interview with composer Gary DeMichele with interviewer Scott Draper.                                                                         

Radio /interview/ special appearances with Gary DeMichele

Saturday Night at the Movies TVO(Canadian Public Broadcasting)
nterview WGN (Roy Leonard).

NPR, Film score /interview/feature segment,
artistic license with Victoria  Lauptman,
interview, with composers:
Gary DeMichele, Douglas Lofstrom (Columbia college,numerous credits)

Alaric Jans(composer, David Mamet/ film scores,Shakespeare theatre,Chicago).

 Theatre  (composer /arranger/sound design)

 Lawrence University (Dir.  Eric Simonson)
(Author: Euripides)
Lawrence University
Composer/Arranger/Musical Director

'The Recruiting officer'(1994)
(Dir. Campbell Scott)

Composer in residence,Lawrecnce university
Composer/Arranger/Musical Director

'Miss Julie'  (Dir. Campbell Scott)

Williamstown Theatre Festival
(Featuring Lucinda Jenney, Campbell Scott)

Composer/Arranger/Musical director(1996)

'Drums in The Night
' (2006-07)
(Dir. Jon Kellam) (Author: Bertolt Brecht)

The Actors Gang Theatre Co.,  
Tim Robbins ,Artistic Director
Composer/ArrangerMusical Director/Sound Designer

'As Quiet As Its Kept
' (2007)
(Dir. Roger Guinivere Smith)
'Watts Villiage Theatre Co.Watts Villiage Theter Co.
Lynn Manning Artistic Director

(reading, workshop performance)
2006 Sound Designer

'Always and Forever'(2007)

 (Dir. Guillermo Villas-Rodriguez)
(World premiere,Michael Spillers ,author)
('Theatre at the Ford ' Ford Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, Ca.)
Sound Designer 2007



Dance Composer Musician and Accompanist

Paula Frasz/Columbia college
Eileen Cropley(Paul Taylor dance co. alumni (Barat college)).
Jan Erkert(Columbia college/freelance)
Master classes,numerous,(musician/accompanist/improvisational/ composer) (Columbia College) .                                               
Trisha Brown,Shirley Mordine,Paula Frasz,Pilobolus,
Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane,Merce Cunningham dance co.
Musician/ Chicago Academy For the Arts.

Corporate /Radio/TV/Misc. Media
Composer/arrangerWXRD Radio (ID package)
Sunnyside Co. Chrysler-Plymouth
Group W Cable
Harris Semiconductor
Teletunes, Inc.
Brock Music(Nashville)
Radio spots KCRW, Los Angeles
(for the Actors Gang). 

 Law Offices of George Sheanshang
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Gary DeMichele
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