Gary DeMichele
(773) 259 8942
Eastman School of Music ,Rochester, New York. Graduate Composer/Arrangers Summer Session Program.
Bachelor of Music Performance, Lawrence University conservatory of Music
Former student of Fred Sturm,Ray Writght and Manny Albam.
Triton College Music performance Sheldon Elias
Additional education
Truman College,electronics theory.
Barat College,Computer class,cobol programming.
Overview of Skills
Composer/Arranger for film.
Commercial media
Secondary instruments-Vibraphone/Mallets and Guitar.
Accomplished jazz improviser,composer and arranger.
Accomplished composer/arranger and songwriter as refined and specialized skill, writing in all genres.
Extensive experience with interdisciplinary environs/Dance/Feature Film/Theatre/Commercials.
Scorer of films and all skills pertaining to the process of scoring
Experienced collaborator with film directors,writers,choreographer and Theatre directors
Mac based midi sequencing applications, digital audio workstations,Mac based apps.
Private and public instructor of music.
Dance accompanist.

Film(only features listed)
-Composer and Arranger

Producer,engineer, and adaptation credits listed where they apply.

'Big Night' (Rysher Entertainment,1996).
(Dir.Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott)
Composer/Arranger. Soundtrack producer credit Gary DeMichele.
Featured cast includes Stanley Tucci, Campbell Scott, Ian Holm,
Minnie Driver, Isabella Rossellini,Mark Anthony,Tony Shaloub,Alison Janey Liv Schrieiber.

‘The Impostors ’ (Fox Searchlight/20th Century Fox,1998)
(Dir. Stanley Tucci).
Composer /Arranger/Musical adaptations /Musical director/Conductor
soundtrack producer credit: Gary DeMichele
Featured cast includes LIlly Taylor,Stanley Tucci, Oliver Platt,
Campbell Scott, Steve Buscemi,Elizabeth Bracco, Lew Stadlin,Dana Ivey,Billy Connelly,Alan Corduner,
Hope Davis,Alison Janey,WoodyAllen.
(Vocal performances by Steve Buscemi,Lew Stadlin,Hope Davis,Elizabeth Bracco.)

'Hamlet '(Odyssey/Hallmark,2000)
(Dirs. Campbell Scott and Eric Simomson,
(Oscar winning director for best documentary2005)).
Featured cast includes,Campbell Scott, Blair Brown, Roscoe Lee Brown,
Lisa Gay Hamilton,Michael Imperioli, Jamey Sheridan,Roger Guinivere Smith

'The Secret Lives of Dentists' (Dir. Alan Rudolph,2003)
Composer/Arranger/Musical director/Conductor
soundtrack producer credit: Gary DeMichele
Featured cast includes Hope Davis, Campbell Scott,Denis Leary,Robin Tunney
( featuring vocal performance by Robin Tunney )

'Off The Map' (Dir. Campbell Scott,2005)
Composer/Arranger.Soundtrack producer credit: Gary DeMichele.
Featured cast includes,Sam Eliot, Joan Allen,Jim True-Frost,
Amy Brenneman, Valentina DeAngelis,J.K.Simmons.

'Camp Hope'(2010)(Dir. George Van Buskirk) (Status:Released August 2011)
Featured cast includes Andrew McCarthy,Dana Delaney,Valentine DeAngelis, Conor Paolo.
Company Retreat' (2011) (Dir. Campbell Scott)(Status: Completed/not yet Released)
(Lucinda Jenny,Jim True-Frost,Hart Bochner,Matt Malloy)


Hamlet (Dir. Campbell Scott) (Hallmark/odyssey production) Odyssey Channel (2000)
‘Stella Street”1997-2004(UK)(Title Theme)
Tom Snyder/Late Show
Regis and Kathy Lee
WTTW 'cucina italiana'
WTTW other credits reuse,misc.   


Composer/Arranger(except where otherwise indicated)
Lawrence University (Dir. Eric Simonson) (Author: Euripides)

'The Recruiting officer'(1994)
Lawrence University
Composer/Arranger/Musical Director
(Dir. Campbell Scott)
Composer in residence,Lawrence university
Composer/Arranger/Musical Director

'Miss Julie' (Dir. Campbell Scott)
Williamstown Theatre Festival
(Featuring Lucinda Jenney, Campbell Scott)
Composer/Arranger/Musical director(1996)

'Drums in The Night' (2006-07)
(Dir. Jon Kellam) (Author: Bertolt Brecht)(2006-2007)
The Actors Gang Theatre Co.,
Tim Robbins ,Artistic Director.
Composer/ArrangerMusical Director/Sound Designer

'As Quiet As Its Kept' (2007)
(Dir. Roger Guinivere Smith)
'Watts Villiage Theatre Co.Watts Villiage Theter Co.
Lynn Manning Artistic Director
Sound Designer
( workshop /performance)

Sound Designer

'Always and Forever'(2007)
(Dir. Guillermo Villas-Rodriguez)
(World premiere,Michael Spillers ,author)
('Theatre at the Ford ' Ford Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, Ca.
Sound Designer

Drums in The Night' (2006-07)
(Dir. Jon Kellam) (Author: Bertolt Brecht)(2006-2007)
The Actors Gang Theatre Co.Culver City,Ca.
Sound Designer
(Gary DeMichele's resume, contd.)

'As Quiet As Its Kept' (2007)
(Dir. Roger Guinivere Smith)
'Watts Villiage Theatre Co.Watts Villiage Theter Co.
Lynn Manning Artistic Director
Sound Designer
( workshop /performance)

Television:As interviewee

Saturday Night At The Movies
TV Ontario,full length interview on the topic of Film Scoring for 'Big Night' and other films.(2011)

CBS Chicago (6:00 news)
film scoring segment 'feature on composer Gary DeMichele',
with interviewer Vince Gerasole.

SNN Television,(Southwest) coast television,
interview with composer Gary DeMichele with
interviewer: Scott Draper

Radio:  Interview with Gary DeMichele
on WGN (Roy Leonard)

NPR, Film score /interview/, feature segment,
artistic license with Victoria Lauptman.
Featured interviewwith composers: Gary DeMichele, Douglas Lofstrom(Columbia college),
Alaric Jans(composer,(collaborator with  David Mamet',film scores,Shakespeare theatre, Chicago,Ill.)

Media/Jingles Misc.

WXRD Radio (ID package)
Sunnyside Co. Chrysler-Plymouth
Group W Cable
Harris Semiconductor
Teletunes, Inc.
Brock Music(Nashville)
Radio spots KCRW Los Angeles

Live Performance

Burns court cinemas jazz concert ,featuring 'Off the Map' composer
Gary DeMichele with Kenny Drew Jr -numerous dates.
Numerous dance (Columbia,Chicago Moving Co.,MoMing) performances
Numerous group performances,pop and jazz.
Innumerable live performances in formal and informal venue settings.
Performed with numerous jazz musicians including Kenny Drew Jr., Chris Collins, Richard Drexler,Bob
Brookmeyer,Jeffrey Mickus and John Belzaguy,Mike Stern,Walt Weiskopf.

Artist Residencies and Grants

Chicago Arts Grant, Chicago Park DIstrict
(for public music instruction for children in the Chicago Park District )(1993)

Chicago Arts Grant for video production of an original
composition (1996)

I Park Artist Residency(Fellowship)
East Haddam Ct.(2010)
Open Studio Participant

I Park Artist Residency(Fellowship)
East Haddam Ct.(2012)
Open Studio Participant

The Horned Dorset Colony(Fellowship)

CAMAC-Marnay Sur Seine, France
Open Studio Participant

Visby Composers Centre -Visby/Gotland Sweden ( 2016)(Fellowship)

I park-East Haddam CT Arpil 2016(Fellowship)(for return residents,invitation only)(2016)
Open Studio Participant.Public performance in addition to open studio.

Emma Ricklund Foundation,Ricklundgarden,Saxnas,Sweden,
Swedish Laplands, (2016)

Dance Accompanist (multi-instruments,vocal)
Columbia College
Barat College
Chicago Academy for The Arts
University of Chicago
Mo Ming Dance Center
Links Hall
Pusczh Studios

Choreographer/instructors /master classes and companies for whom
I have played include:

Trisha Brown
Ginger Farley
Bill T. Jones
Shirley Mordine
Paula Frasz
Jan Bartozek
Jan Erkert
Merce Cunningham
Hubbard Street
Joe Goode
Paul Taylor Co.
Eileen Cropley
Arnie Zane

Recent Recordings

La Pluie Sur La Seine-Featuring Saxophonist Walt Weiskopf , Bassist Richard Drexler and Gary DeMichele
Pascal's Waltz-Featuring guitarist Mike Stern , Richard Drexler and Gary DeMichele
Original songs new recordings (2016)

Current projects in progress (2016-)

Julie Bliss(working title) (theatrical) Collaboration with Actor/Director Campbell Scott


'The Sea' (Edward Bond) Lawrence University (Dir. Fred Gaines)
Lead actor-'Mr Hatch'
'Tongues' (Sam Shepard, Joseph Chaikin) (actor,percussionist)
Evelyn and the Polka King-Steppenwolf Theatre (Chicago) (actor/musician) (1996)
'Hamlet'(film/and for television Odyssey Network)(Dir..Campbell Scott, Eric Simonsen)
Royal Court Musician character(2000)
'Camp Hope''(Dir. George Vanbuskirk)
Homeless man

Other activities and education

Figure Drawing classes Longboat key arts center.Longboat Key Fl.
Playwriting class Florida Studio theatre,Sarasota Fl.(2014 and 2015)
Excellent communication skills for both teaching ,delegating,communicating,

Personal and professionally applicable unique skills and experience

Good communication skills, has had extensive experience with question and answer sessions,
for both educational environs and post-screening environments at film festivals
and seminars.(See above credit listing), has done many interviews, NPR,CBS,SNN(Sarasota,Fl.),WGN.
Quck learner with technological environs,web page skills , general electronics,arts and sciences
References :
Russell Ferrante (pianist,composer and arranger and founding member of 'Yellowjackets',Campbell Scott,(Director,Actor),Walt Weiskopf,(Saxophonist,Author ,Composer,Educator)