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Campbell Scott
Actor , filmmaker, director, producer.Scott co-starred in the movie Dying Young (in which his mother also appeared) alongside Julia Roberts. He also appeared in the 1992 movie Singles, and in 1996, he teamed up with Stanley Tucci to direct the film Big Night. The film met with much critical acclaim and was nominated for the "Grand Jury Prize" at the Sundance Film Festival. For their work, Scott and Tucci won both the New York Film Critics Circle Award and the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best New Director.He has and extensive and substantive credit list in botth film and theatre.

Walt Weiskopf
Critically reknown saxophonist and composer/arranger.Alumnus of the Buddy Rich Band, Toshiko Akyoshi big band and Eastman School faculty.Currently touring and recording with Steely Dan.

Richard Drexler-
Pianist/bassist/composer currently recording and touring with the Jeff Berlin group recording and touring.Richard has recorded with numerous musicians, including but not limited to, Bob Mintzer, Paquito d'Rivera, Jerry Bergonzi, Gato Barbieri, Claudio Roditi, Alex Acuna ,George Benson,Mel Torme, Dave Liebman.



Gary and I have known each other since college, and he's been the composer on most movies (and a few plays) I've directed or produced since then, starting with 'BIG NIGHT' in 1993 and continuing to 'COMPANY RETREAT' this year. Gary is a musician first - a jazz composer, percussionist, pianist - and a film scorer by way of his other disciplines, which makes him the ideal composer for the very different movies I'm involved with.  His ideas are never what I would expect, which challenges me to make more effective choices in the editing room, and the movies always turn out more layered and provocative as a result. His scores always make the movies better, wider, more compelling.'-C

Campbell Scott

Gary DeMichele is a complete musician and
his playing and writing are creative and first rate'.--Walt Weiskopf-

'Gary DeMichele is a good friend and a talented and versatile musician/composer with a wide range of knowledge and interests. I have enjoyed playing on his film scores and playing jazz gigs with him in both Chicago and Florida.  I hope we continue to work together on projects as we always have fun doing it.'-
Richard Drexler

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