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Reviews-Exerpted/Film Score and Theatrical Work

Joel  E.Siegel
Washington City Paper
'Big Night' Dirs. Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci
'As with fine cooking, Big Night’s savor stems from careful attention to quality ingredients. Pascal’s Vegasy restaurant is production designer Andrew Jackness’ special triumph, a circuslike crimson-and-faux-stone Mafia hangout complete with walls of autographed celebrity glossies and plastic Leaning Towers of Pisa. Ken Kelsch’s crisp cinematography and Gary DeMichele’s musical score, which incorporates vintage recordings by Rosemary Clooney, Keely Smith and, of course, Prima, enhance the film’s ambience.'.
Kevin Tomas  Los Angeles Times
'The Secret Lives of Dentists'
Dir Alan Rudolph
'......."The Secret Lives of Dentists" is a stylish work from an accomplished, sophisticated filmmaker that bristles with intelligence and gleams with Scott's and Davis' multifaceted, astutely judged portrayals. The film also glows with the clear light and cool tones of cinematographer Florian Ballhaus' images, and its shifting moods are expressed beautifully by Gary DeMichele's distinctive score, at once spare yet dramatic.'
Ken Eisner
Dir.Campbell Scott and Eric Simonsen
..'Also striking is Gary DeMichele’s piano-and-trumpet-centered score, which offers a kind of medieval jazz commentary on the action. Dan Gillham’s lensing, which occasionally rests on the buildings’ cornices and gargoyle-like adornments, is straightforward, with just enough interpretive movement to heighten the drama.

Todd McCarthy
'The Impostors'
Dir. Stanley Tucci
......'Andrew Jackness’ production design and Juliet Polcsa’s costumes are constantly diverting delights to the eye, and Gary DeMichele’s score is spry.
Julio Martinez
'Drums in The Night'(Actors Gang Theatre co.,artistic Director Tim Robbins (Gary DeMichele,composer/sound design) )
Dir.John Kellam(
..A decided plus in this production is the compelling sound design of Gary DeMichele that constantly underscores the harrowing conditions in the world just outside the walls of our agenda-challenged protagonists.  

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