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Gary DeMichele
Film Score/Video Clips

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'Big Night'-'Let's Eat'('Dinner')
(Dir. Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci)
For this film commission I had the initial idea ,and it was discussed at length, with my collaborators Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci (to the point of all three of us raiding my kitchen for culinary tapping toys)an idea of my using kitchen utensils including pots and pans for the shot ,which pans down the dinner table as the guests prepare to indulge, like a 'food orchestra'warming up, the sounds of the tapping of the spoon mimicking a conductors call to the orchestra's attention,culminating with a mock dramatic drum roll on a steel bowl to unveil the fabled and sacred timpano. The culmination of this moment  is followed by a tarantella,when the festivities truly begin, I had composed this piece, that includes soprano sax as well as other conventional instrumentation suitable for this Italianate genre.I had decided on Soprano Sax as the lead instrument because , firstly, I wanted to use my friend, the wonderful Chris Collins on as many tracks as I could justify having him on ,as he is one of the best saxophonists,I think, in the world. Also,I thought that soprano would give it a slightly more contemporary edge for this scene,'but otherwise I did not want a trendy' or too modern instrumentaion, ass I did not want to date the film with a trendy 'current genre' sound which can be very self-dating.

'Off The Map' Trailer
For this commission ,on this score, several pieces including the one excerpted in this clip,at the beginning of the clip was incorporated the use of unconventional instruments.Utilzed were found objects,metal bowls,metal bowls with water,
bowed cymbals,berimbau,bowed marimba,childrens wooden flute,other electronic and ambient acoustic sounds,non-instruments,i.e. room sound, and a childs accordion(not a toy,my childhood instrument).

'The Secret Lives of Dentists'(Dir. Alan Rudolph)-'Fever'

(Adapted and Arranged by Gary DeMichele")

"The Secret Lives of Dentists-(Dir.Alan Rudolph )'Gondola"

'Hamlet'(Dir. Campbell Scott and Eric Simonsen)

'The Secret Lives of Dentists'